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June Free Readings

Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball shows that information ahead triggers an active phase that sees things on the move. It does bring something new into your life this June that gives you a chance to grow your potential. This lets you negotiate a path that is practical, productive, and brings a bounty of rewards to your door.  News arrives that hits a sweet note. It does align you towards a new avenue that offers growth, productivity, and expansion. This crops up to inspire change, it has you reaching for goals 

June Tarot Card XV Devil

This June, information is coming that gives you clarity about the situation you ask about. It does help you do the healing necessary to resolve blocks that hold you back. As your journey unfolds, you see that your intuition was guiding you all along. The essence of manifestation is at your disposal, this opens the doors to a helpful portal. Changes ahead see progression occurring.  It is a time that inspires your heart to seek a journey that is in alignment with your vision. It brings a sense of excitement and takes you to a chapter that offers many blessings. New information is set to be revealed that shines a light on building a bridge towards a happier future.

June Spirit Message

A lady in the spirit sends her love and blessings. She says that things ahead look promising. It brings you to a positive chapter that highlights an exciting phase of growing a situation of interest.  You enter the time that oversees a vast range of possibilities. It does bring new potential to your personal life. It is a chapter of transformation and good fortune, you find yourself in alignment with someone who is open, and confident. It does bring matters of the heart to the forefront of your life. Focusing on developing this bond lights a path towards lively communication and shared experiences together. This even hints at trips away that bring a sweet sense of respite to your life. 

Wheel Of The Year: Yule/Litha

Winter solstice 21th June 07.43 AESt

Winter solstice 21th June 07.43 AESt

Winter solstice 21th June 07.43 AESt


For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the nights are long, but with Yule, it sees you reaching a turning point that brings an ending, and within the space of the Yule winter solstice, it also brings a new cycle. Significant changes occur during June, and it opens a doorway that helps you explore a wide vista of potential. You kick-off a refreshing time of expansion and pour your energy into an area that speaks to your mind and heart. All in all, it brings the sparkle back into your life.


Winter solstice 21th June 07.43 AESt

Winter solstice 21th June 07.43 AESt


For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, the days are long and balmy. With the celebration of the Litha Summer Solstice,  you can create a sacred space where you can nurture your soul—focusing on security lights a path towards a grounded and balanced chapter. It does draw abundance into your life by being mindful of the little blessings that enter into your world. If you have found yourself feeling unsettled, the path ahead clears, it has you thinking about the possibilities in a new light. 


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